10:00 AM SCIENCE MARCH: Join Sunrise Adirondacks at the PSC campus entrance for a march to the VIC, to celebrate the youth scientists of the North Country!

TENTATIVE  - VIC Auditorium

SAM Fest 2020

We are not officially linked to the TED organization, but we like their style.  Unofficial versions of short, high-impact TED-talks are supposed to use the label "TED-x", but as Adirondackers we figure "TED-axe" works even better. So here is a tentative outline of what will happen in the VIC auditorium, our current series of "TED-axe talks & Tunes" that focus on  "The Art & Science of  MOVEMENT."                    (Live links are shown in bold font)

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Ross Conover (PSC faculty) 

Poetry and Science of Movement
Jamie Savage (SUNY-ESF Ranger School, PSC alum) 

Movement in Music
Janet Mihuc (PSC faculty) 

Making Moves with Moths
Brendan Wiltse (PSC alum, Ausable River Association) 

Trout movement in ADK streams.

Dan Berggren (ADK musician) 

Movement in Music
Lee Ann Sporn (PSC faculty) 

Movement within 

12:30-1:30 PM

PSC faculty & students serve lunch; live music and displays by Glenn McClure and Arts Dorm students; Lee Ann Sporn & Saranac Lake artists, with guest artist                Erik Hagen (Houston, TX).

1:30-2:30 PM
Chloe Opela (PSC student)

Original Movement Music

Scott Chimileski (PSC faculty)

Microbes in Motion
Peggy Lynn (PSC alum, ADK musician) 

Movement in Music
Erik Hagen (Guest artist, Houston, TX) 

Art of movement and climate change

2:30-4:00 PM
Ryan Novak (PSC student Climate Fellow) 

Climate consequences in Cape Town
Dan Plumley (Totem Consulting Group) 

Reindeer on the Move
Celia Evans (PSC faculty, musician) 

Movement in Music
Glenn McClure (PSC faculty, composer) 

Movement in Music and Science
Thompson Tomaszewski (alum, VIC Naturalist) 

Moose Moments: Building Movements for Change
Mel Johnson (PSC faculty, with students)

Roving Drones

4:00-4:30 PM
SHORT FILM (Sean Jackson, PSC Climate Fellow)

"Climate stories from the East Coast"
with introduction by

Bethany Garretson (PSC faculty)