12:30-1:30 PM



Roy Hurd (ADK Musician): Adirondack Music of Renewal

Annie Stoltie (Adirondack Life): Turning Pain into Prose 

                                                         Celia Evans (PSC  Science Faculty, Musician): Music of Renewal


                                                                    PSC Climate Science students: Spring Renewal Report

We are not officially linked to the TED organization, but we like their style.  Unofficial versions of short, high-impact TED-talks are supposed to use the label "TED-x", but as Adirondackers we figure "TED-axe" works even better. So here is a tentative outline of what will happen in the VIC auditorium, our current series of "TED-axe talks & Tunes" that focus on  "The Art & Science of Renewal."                    (Live links are shown in bold font)

TENTATIVE  - VIC Auditorium

SAM Fest 2018

3:30-5:00 PM
Film showing: "Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution"



Glenn McClure (PSC Faculty, Composer): Music of Renewal

10 AM SCIENCE MARCH  from PSC campus entrance to the VIC. An upbeat, fun rally for all who value SCIENCE!

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5 PM

Elizabeth "Betsy" Folwell (Adirondack Life): From Bud to Bone:The Nature and Art of Antlers

Larry Montague (PSC alum, Musician): Renewal Through Hip-Hop

Craig Milewski (PSC Science Faculty, Poet): On Renewal

11:00 AM-11:30 AM

 David Nardelli & Fred Petzoldt (PSC GIS students): Landscape Renewal by Fire

 ​​Tyler Dezago (PSC student) : An Adirondack Instrument of Renewal 

11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Brendan Wiltse (Adirondack Wilderness Advocates, PSC alum): Rebirth of a Wilderness Ethic
Jamie Savage (PSC alum, Musician): Original Music of Renewal

Tim Messner (SUNY Potsdam): Atlatls to Axes, Renewing Traditional Skills

Lee Ann Sporn (PSC faculty, Artist):The Art of Renewal